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3.5 out of 4 stars
Garland is here performed by Angela Ingersoll. It is a simply magnificent portrayal, especially vocally, which is really what matters the most. It will, I think, be enough to make this show a huge hit as we go into the holiday season and, by rights, it should transform Ingersoll's career in this town.
I just found this to be a remarkably profound dive into this very familiar character — at once honest, earnest, vulnerable and live. That last adjective is the one that matters most.
This did not come easy to Ingersoll. Playing someone who was more off than on takes enormous work and a rich reservoir of interpretative talent. What a performance! - Larry Bommer

Ingersoll, on stage, in charge and surging with star quality, also delivers the dreamgirl-next-door. With a six-person backup band and Steinhagen’s impeccable musical direction, the public Judy can sing no wrong: Looking and often sounding exactly like the essential original, Ingersoll tears out her heart and the stuffing from Garland favorites

Ingersoll registers everything grand about Garland—the vulnerable tremolo, the flirtatious warble, the velvet vocalizing, the agonizing eagerness to please, the belting to the balcony. It’s the once and future Judy who died for her sins more than ours. A gem of frustrated ardor, Steinhagen’s Anthony is every gay man who ever whispered “Let’s put on a show!” - Katy Walsh

The extraordinary Angela Ingersoll (Judy) embodies the iconic legend. 

Ingersoll steps into the spotlight and belts out a song. Ingersoll plays this role with raw intensity.  She visits rock bottom multiple times.  She rants. She spirals. She exposes a vulnerability from career substance abuse that started as a child. Ingersoll forces us to experience the real woman behind Dorothy. Her emotional delivery is riveting and exhausting. Still, she continually transforms into the powerhouse singer and even comes back with an encore.     

This is a powerful tribute to an incredible singer with razor-sharp wit that couldn’t shake her addictions to drugs, booze and fame.  Ingersoll’s portrayal of Judy Garland is astonishing.  This show already had its final extension before it even opened.  It is a must see! - Al Bresloff


Leave it to Michael Weber to bring the Chicago Premiere of Peter Quilter’s “End Of The Rainbow” to the intimacy of Porchlight Music Theatre. WOW!

The amazing Angela Ingersoll bringing Judy Garland to life. When I say Amazing, I mean AMAZING!!! She looks like her (circa 1968), she sounds like her, and I would have to say almost made me feel that I had gone back in time and was a fly on the wall of the London hotel where Ms. Garland stayed. WOW! and double Wow!

When we get to the final number, “Over The Rainbow”, one can see the tears fall down her cheek and don’t be surprised to find that you are seeing her tears, through yours! Yes, I suggest a few tissues in your pocket or purse. You will need them.

 If you are a Garland fan, I suggest you find a way to see this masterpiece. - Tom Williams

Legendary Judy Garland comes to life in stunning performance by Angela  Ingersoll.
Angela Ingersoll’s tour de force performance is one of the most powerful and compelling performances seen on a Chicago stage in years!
With terrific arrangement by Jon Steinhagen (who also doubles on the piano) the six piece combo deftly accompany Ingersoll as she nails the Garland songbook.
This bittersweet show is a must see on several levels. - Colin Douglas

Judy Garland, played to perfection by Chicago musical theatre actress Angela Ingersoll … This actress, who’s an absolute force of nature, sinks her teeth into this role from the start and never lets go until the end.
Ingersoll ... is perfection in director Michael Weber’s fresh, forceful production.
In addition to Michael Weber’s driving, yet sensitive direction, the production is also the work of many behind-the-scene artists, as well. The play is tempered by Jon Steinhagen’s excellent musical direction and piano accompaniment. He’s enhanced by a terrific five-piece combo that magically appears out of nowhere. Historical authenticity is provided by Ross Hoppe’s newsreel projections, while costume designer Bill Morey shows why he’s a multi Jeff Award-winner, with his array of authentic, elegant, glitzy 1960’s fashions.
Moved to tears, they may feel they’ve just been been transported back to 1968 and witnessed firsthand the sadly tragic final days of a true American legend.

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Judy Garland has been reborn: Angela Ingersoll is phenomenal in "Over the Rainbow" at Porchlight Music Theatre. A truly astonishing, tour de force performance.