Building a Bright Future

The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, one of our longtime supporters, is helping Porchlight establish a board of directors governed cash reserve, which will provide the financial stability we need to grow as an organization. To establish this reserve, the Donnelley Foundation will match every new or increased gift we receive over the coming year, up to $25,000.

Now is the time to join Porchlight’s exceptional community of supporters—whether you’re a new donor making your first gift to Porchlight or one of our loyal supporters making an additional gift to this special campaign, your donation will have twice the impact, and will help us ensure the future of music theatre in Chicago.

Help us build a more secure future. For Porchlight, to continue presenting excellent productions along with first class educational and outreach programming, being able to innovate, and taking strategic artistic risks, we must establish financial stability. A cash reserve is key to building greater financial security and to ensuring Porchlight’s bright future.

Won’t you help us?

If you are brand-new donor, any gift you give today will be matched.

If you haven’t given to Porchlight since August 31, 2017, any gift you give will be matched.

If you are a current donor, any gift you give over your yearly donation will be matched.


For questions regarding your past year’s donations, please contact Development Associate Rosie Schultz at

The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelly Foundation supports over 150 small, professional arts organizations of all disciplines. They provide general operations grants and an array of other support to help arts organizations sustain their artistry and strengthen their operations. Porchlight Music Theatre is grateful to the Foundation for its operations grants over the years.

The following new and increased gifts made to our Cash Reserves Fund will be generously matched dollar for dollar by The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation.

Migdalia M Aviles

Judith Barnard and Michael Fain

Mary Beth Berg

Frima Blumenthal

Richard Boyum and Louie Chua

Timothy Clark

Pamela Crutchfield

Deborah Dickert

Liliana Duval

Richard Eisenhardt

Daniel Finley

Allison Friedman

Christopher Glenn

Debbie Havens

Linda Henderson

Michael Horvich

Jackie Jostock

Jonathan Klein and Susan Cohn

Linda Koolish

Frederic Lane

Jay Lenn

Allan Lindsay

Jim and Eileen Massimilian

Susan Matulionis

Cornelia Miller

Therse and Roger Moore

John Nolan

Kevin Olecki

Steven Pace

Margaret Pendry

Ronald Pienkowski

Paul Ponticell

Merril Prager and John Levine

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reece

Gail Segal

Kelly Sesemann-Wensing

Theresa Stonehouse

Ginger Tarjan

Sandra Torrielli

Heather and Jake Townsend

Kelly Trezise

Paul and Lynne Wellen

Kathy Wilders