Mondays, 11:45a.m. - 12:45p.m.


Returning May 6 thru June 17

No class Memorial Day

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The next “time” step – BEG/INT Tap! In this class, basic vocabulary is necessary to understand the more complex rhythms and combinations we will be exploring. It will move at a quick pace, using short but challenging phrases and sequences to test our brainpower, discovering new techniques for picking up choreography quickly along the way. Using our understanding of weight shift and complete body commitment, we will focus on the proper execution and technique of grab-offs, wings, and pullbacks, as well as traveling patterns and turns. We will work to interpret the relationship between our movement and the mood of the music, infusing emotion and character into our combinations. This class is not cumulative – drops-ins are encouraged! Come shuffle, sweat, and smile every Monday with me, and stay for a challenge after with Advanced/Pro Tap!

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