Porchlight Music Theatre announces non-union auditions for Gypsy and Porchlight Revisits staged concert production, 1776.

Singing Adult Actors of all ethnicities, gender identities and ages. Local hires preferred. Auditions for children will be held at another date. See breakdown for details.

Director/Artistic Director, Michael Weber
Choreographer, Chris Carter
Music Director, David Fiorello
Assistant Director, Robin da Silva

Director/Artistic Director, Michael Weber

1st Reh: Early September, 2018
1st Perf: October 12
Anticipated close: End of December
The role of “Rose” has been cast

Porchlight Revisits: 1776
1st Reh: Early November, 2018
Performances: Nov 14 & 15 only

Porchlight Rehearsal Studios
4200 W. Diversey, just west of Pulaski
#76 Diversey bus pulls up at Tripp Ave, Free parking in lot and on street.


(Appointment Auditions) Wed, 3/21, 10am – 1:55pm & 3pm – 5:55pm FULL

Thurs, 3/22, 10am – 1:55pm NEW!

(Walk-in auditions) Tue, 3/27 10am – 1:55pm & 3pm – 4:55pm


Please prepare 32 bars of a music theatre song in the style of the show(s) that best shows off your voice. Have a second song ready if asked. Bring sheet music and your book. An accompanist will be provided. No recordings, please.


Herbie: agent for Rose’s children and Rose’s boyfriend and a possible husband number 4. He has a heart of gold but also has the power to defend the people he loves with strength. Minimum dance. A Baritone, sings in one group number, two duets and trio with Rose and Louise. Strong acting role.

Dainty June (16-24): Baby June as a young teenager. The older she gets, the less she enjoys being her mother’s show business creation. Strong Alto, must be able to belt a song and have decent dancing skills. The ability to do the splits and twirl a baton a big plus, but not a requirement. Must dance very well, taps, strong Broadway teen singer, close harmony skills preferred.

Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee (18 – 25): Baby Louise as a teenager, who grows up to be an accomplished star stripper. Still pushed aside by Madam Rose in favor of June, until she herself becomes her mother’s new pet project. Should be able to move well. Minimum actual dance but must have very strong movement skills, strong acting skills needed. Must be able to portray both an awkward teen and a sophisticated woman. Must dance inside a dancing cow costume, must be comfortable with the character’s profession – stripping. The character is very scantily clad but never actual appears in the nude. Mezzo (needs light sound for “little Lamb” and belt for “Let Me Entertain You.”)

Tessie Tura: a veteran stripper just past her prime. Big Broadway voice (Mezzo Belt), strong movement/dance, ballet training helpful. A burlesque dancer that shares her dressing room with Louise. She was once a ballerina and still has some of the moves. A course woman who’s been around the block.

Mazeppa: a stripper just past her prime. Big Broadway voice (Alto Belt), strong movement/dance, powerful character. A burlesque dancer who’s tough and physically intimidating. Trumpet playing skills would be outstanding but not required.

Electra: a stripper just past her prime. Big Broadway voice (Mezzo Belt), strong movement/dance. Quieter than her counterparts but her costume is wired with lights, allowing her to “shine” without working up a sweat. Ditzy and sweet.

Tulsa (age 17 – 20): Strives to break out of the troupe with an act of his own. Sings and dances “All I Need Is the Girl.” Extremely strong dancer in all styles of show dance including tap. Good singer, charming, very athletic and attractive  young man. High Baritone.


Specifically looking for a diverse cast of actors of various ethnicities, ages and gender identifications for all roles.

Do not submit photo / resume via email for consideration. Make an audition appointment here or attend walk-in date.

Porchlight Music Theatre is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Porchlight Music Theatre encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

No phone calls, please.

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