Daryl Brooks, Director
Robert Reddrick, Music Director
Rueben Echoles, Choreographer

Michelle Lauto, Director
Kailey Rockwell, Music Director
Jenna Schoppe, Choreographer

Christopher Pazdernik, Producing Associate
Michael Weber, Artistic Director


Open to all ethnicities and genders (18+). Local Chicago hires ONLY. We encourage Trans and Gender Non-Conforming performers to submit for any roles they are interested in; genders listed are those of the character, not the performer. (See breakdown.)

For PUMP BOYS: Seeking strong actor/musicians. Black performers strongly encouraged to submit.
For NUNSENSE: Seeking performers with strong comedic timing.

Rehearsals: Porchlight Studios, 4200 W. Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL
Tech/Performances: Ruth Page Center for the Arts, 1016 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL


First Rehearsal 10/5/21; Opening 11/4/21; Closing 12/31/21

First rehearsal 11/2/21; Opening 11/17/21; Closing 11/22/21


AEA: Pump Boys, CAT Tier 2 ($330/week min.); Nunsense, CAT Per Performance ($15/hr reh + $55/perf).

NON-AEA: Pump Boys, rehearsal stipend + per performance fee; Nunsense, production stipend.


Online video submissions only. See below for specific instructions.


Video submissions will be accepted through 11:59 PM on Monday, July 12


Contact Email:

Please submit one (1) video file containing both songs submitted as either a direct YouTube or Vimeo link, or method *not* requiring the video to be downloaded for viewing. Please submit headshot & resume together as one PDF file named LastName_FirstName. (ex. Pazdernik_Christopher.pdf). Please send one (1) email with your full name in the subject line, your one (1) video link in the body of the email and attach your one (1) PDF with your headshot & resume. If you experience technical difficulties formatting your submission as requested, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to find an alternative solution.

Email only; no phone calls, please.


  • For the 4 gas-station attendants, please submit two 32-bar cuts, both self-accompanied on piano, guitar or bass. One should showcase your strongest vocal ability and the other should showcase your strongest instrumental ability.
  • For the 2 waitresses: please submit 1 or 2 32-bar cuts, a song from the show and/or one of your own choosing. If you do play an instrument (not required), please include it in one of your selections.
  • For everyone: No musical theatre songs, please. Think of the following genres and artists for inspiration: blues, retro R&B, bluegrass, soulful country/folk, Charley Pride, Jimmy Allen, Al Green, Aaron Neville, Mavis Staples, Mickey Guyton, Esther Phillips, Etta James, Bonnie Rait, Reba McIntire.


  • Prepare 1 or 2 32-bar musical comedy selections, a song from the show and/or one of your own choosing.

If you would like to choose a song from either show, we have provided some sheet music and track options for you, but you are not required to use them:

Character Breakdown


  • JIM: (Male, 25-40’s) Co-owner of the gas station, charming, calm and likable. The main narrator of the night; must be able to comfortably interact with the audience, a true storyteller. Must also be an excellent singer and rhythm guitar player.
  • L.M.: (Male, 40’s+) Longtime friend and coworker of Jim. Suspicious of affection from women and has
    eyes only for Dolly Parton. Must have a strong country voice and play piano.
  • JACKSON: (Male, 25-40’s) Gas station employee; called “Lover Boy” by the other characters, because of his universal appeal to the ladies. Must have strong rock/folk voice and play lead guitar.
  • EDDIE: (Male, 25-40’s) Silent presence with brief, comedic interactions. Baritone who plays bass.
  • RHETTA CUPP: (Female, 25-40’s) No-nonsense and hardworking; the co-owner and operator of the Double Cupp diner, a full-of-life single mother of two. Strong country singer, plays percussion.
  • PRUDIE CUPP: (Female, 25-40’s) Rhetta’s younger sister; charming, fun and full of life. Strong country singer, plays percussion.


  • SISTER MARY REGINA is to the outside world a model Mother Superior. But to those who know her, she is an outrageous, quick-witted soul who knows how to get a laugh. She tries to convince you that she’s strict, but everyone knows that her “bark is worse than her bite!”
  • SISTER MARY HUBERT is a kind person who always tries to be understanding and diplomatic. She teaches the Novices the ground rules, and is supposed to be dignified. But with the slightest bit of encouragement, she’s ready to kick up her heels!
  • SISTER ROBERT ANNE is a tough streetwise nun with a heart of gold. All the kids adore her because she speaks their language. And she can hit a baseball “out of the park.”
  • SISTER MARY AMNESIA is the picture of innocence. She can’t remember her past and so looks at each new day with a childlike joy.
  • SISTER MARY LEO was a professional dancer before she entered the convent and is always eager to display her talent. She’s very impressionable because of her youth and can easily be led astray.

Porchlight Music Theatre is committed to diversity and encourages all its employees to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Porchlight Music Theatre encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.