Porchlight offers its spacious and fitted-out scene shop (with easy loading-dock access), three rehearsal studios, and ample prop/costume stock for rent!

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Rent any of our three rehearsal studios for the low price of $15 per hour*!

Each studio has its own new HVAC system, an audio system for simple playback, and a piano if needed. Choose between:

South Studio – 1600 Sq. ft.- $15/hour for multi-day rental $25/hour for single/partial day rental

East Studio - 1200 Sq. ft.- $15/hour

West Studio – 900 Sq. Ft. - $15/hour

*Discounted pricing for South studio based on multi-day rentals. Single/partial day rate for the South Studio is $25/hour. Everything based on availability.

We also offer a small piano room for private coaching. Limited availability, priced upon request.

If you are a single/partial day renter with times outside of normal business hours, a facilities coordinator is required to be on site during the duration of your time here and is billed at $15/hour + 1 hour of setup/cleanup time.

For more information on rentals, please contact Facilities Manager Johnnie Schleyer at

Organizations that have used our services include:

About Face Theatre
American Blues Theatre Company
American Eagle Productions
Arts & Business Council of Chicago
Bailiwick Chicago
BoHo Theatre
Chicago Commercial Collective
Definition Theatre Company
DMT Entertainment & Events
Drury Lane Theatre
Emerald City Children's Theatre
Entertainment Events
Family Bridges
Haven Theatre Company
The House Theatre of Chicago
International Voice
s Project
Ka-Tet Theatre
Kaplan University
Kokandy Productions
Lake Country Playhouse 
Leo Burnett Worldwide
Little Theatre on the Square
Livewire Theatre Company
Locked Door Productions
Paramount Theatre
Route 66 Theatre Company
Starkid Productions
Theatre at the Center
Theatre Seven of Chicago
Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre 
Timberlake Playhouse
Urumban Productions