Porchlight is excited to offer a series of classes designed for our patrons to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the art and history of Musical Theatre.

Current Offerings


Top of Their Class: from Bye Bye Birdie to The Prom

with Cheri Coons and Frankie Leo Bennett

Sundays 1:00 – 3:00 PM

June 6 – June 27



This fun, interactive 4-week class celebrates 8 great musicals that focus on the high school experience. Fueled by the boundless energy of youth ensembles, these shows embrace both the joys and challenges of coming of age. Each week we’ll explore two contrasting musicals, one blockbuster from the past and one present-day hit, and discover how they’re in dialogue with one another around themes of identity, belonging, family, and community. Some shows offer just joyride, while others dig a little deeper into contemporary issues and social change. So get ready to “Put On a Happy Face” if you need a little Spring Awakening, or you’re looking for a date for The Prom, join a group of fellow musical theatre aficionados for lively and revealing discussions each week on Zoom.

If you’re interested in joining us for any of the upcoming Engagement Classes and have questions or want to suggest a new class, please email rebeccah@porchlightmusictheatre.org. We always love to hear what you want to learn about!