October 18th, 2019 is “Porchlight Music Theatre Day” in Chicago!

Today, we celebrate the Gala Opening Night of Sunset Boulevard and the start of our 25th anniversary season in a very special way with the Chicago city council proclaiming today as Porchlight Music Theatre Day in Chicago!

A resolution adopted by The City Council of the City of Chicago, Illinois – Presented by Alderman Brian Hopkins on October 16, 2019

Whereas, Porchlight Music Theatre has, for twenty-five years, established itself as an important part of Chicago’s cultural scene, with more than seventy main stage music theater productions, fifteen Chicago premiers, and five world premiers; and

Whereas, Porchlight Music Theatre, originally incorporated by founding Artistic Director Jill Moore, continues its programming excellence with a recent move to their new performance venue, the Ruth Page Center for the Arts. in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast neighborhood; and

Whereas, Porchlight Music Theatre brings people together for all corners of Chicago and the region, to explore the human experience through the art of music theater to foster community, inclusion, and empathy; and

Whereas, Porchlight Music Theatre’s award-winning work features Chicago’s finest performers and theater-makers, enriching the lives of audiences and artists alike; and

Whereas, Through live performance, youth education, and community outreach, Porchlight Music Theatre celebrates and sustains the present, past, and future of the all-American art form of music theater; and

Whereas, Porchlight Music Theatre continues to offer community outreach partnerships to welcome youth from under-represented communities as guests to main stage productions and special post-show conversations with the cast; and

Whereas, Through the leadership of L. Walter Stearns, Michael Weber, and Jeannie Lukow, Porchlight Music Theatre continues to dazzle audiences with world-class, sophisticated, and engaging musical theatre productions; and

Whereas, the City of Chicago and the League of Chicago Theatres designated 2019 as the ‘Year of Chicago Theatre’; NOW THEREFORE

BE IT RESOLVED, That we, the Members of the City Council of the City of Chicago, assembled on this day, Wednesday, October 16, 2019, do hereby declare that Friday, October 18th, 2019, be commemorated as “Porchlight Music Theatre Day” in Chicago.

Brian Hopkins

Alderman, 2nd Ward